Here is a selection of testimonials from satisfied clients:

“I’m a student athlete who suffers from a heart defect. Ms. Grossman started by creating a safer environment for myself and my teammates. She helped enact a 504 plan which was very impressive considering the stubborn school district I live in. Ms. Grossman is a fantastic representative who has helped me in more ways than I can think of[, giving me peace of mind to study political science at Chapman University this fall]. Tremendous work, highly recommend.”

TCDP – SoCal

“Thanks to Loren’s help I will be [transferring from Moorpark Community College and] attending Indiana University next semester to study sociology. She gave me all the tools and provided me with enough information that allowed me to find the school that would suit me best both academically and socially. Loren also helped me by putting my passion for sports and academics at the same level, finding me a school that incorporated both. She is a great resource and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an easy transition to a new school.”

T. B.-H. – Agoura CA

“I’ve just accepted my admission to UCLA to study Philosophy, and I can’t thank Loren enough for the help she provided me with to get me here. I left UC Santa Cruz after my first year there and came to Santa Monica College without much direction. After a year at SMC, Loren helped me realize what I wanted to study, and more importantly, why I wanted to study it. She provided me with many amazing resources to find schools that would fit my personal academic goals, and was also able to guide me through the all too complicated application and essay-writing processes. When I told her that I wanted to stay in Southern California in order to pursue music as a profession, she worked with me in an encouraging way, never once suggesting that my passion for music take a back seat to my academics. I never doubted that Loren was going to help me succeed, regardless of which schools I got into.”

D.V. – Moorpark CA

“As an international student coming from France, I had a lot to learn about the American university system, & mostly, lots of universities to sort through in order to find the fittest school for me [to transfer to from Santa Monica College, after having spent my freshman year at the University of San Diego]. Loren assisted me in a well-rounded fashion. She widened my scholarly horizon, introducing me to private schools, CSU’s & UC’s that I had never heard about. More importantly, these universities offered undergraduate – & even graduate – fields of study specifically adapted to my educational goals [to study philosophy & law]. If I hadn’t received her advice, I would’ve probably applied to the schools most anyone applies to, by word of mouth in California … Altogether, I chose 12 schools … She provided much insight into the selection process, the kind of stuff you will never find on brochures, & that only an educational advocate only, a.k.a insiders, would know      [which is why I chose to go to San Francisco State University] !”

M.C. – San Francisco CA

“It’s my fifth week here at Northern Arizona University, & it’s going well.  I’m quite satisfied being a music major.  I have been meaning to write earlier, but school work has kept me occupied. Just wanted to say I appreciate all your efforts in helping me find a college that best fits me. Before we talked I was ready to give up. After 4 years of spinning my wheels at Santa Monica College, it seemed pointless to continue on with college. Thank you for opening a new door in my education. I’m in the process of building a foundation for a life that I can be proud of, & it’s because you pointed me in the right direction. Thank you.”

R. H. – Flagstaff AZ

“Loren Grossman was a phenomenal resource & source of support for me when I applied to graduate school [after graduating from the University of California Berkeley]. I came to Loren very anxious & full of doubt, & always left our appointments lighter, brighter, & full of encouragement. I have no doubt that Loren played an integral role in helping me apply & be admitted to Johns Hopkins University [The Bloomberg School of Public Health], among six other prestigious schools. Loren is truly a blessing for anyone fortunate enough to work with her.”

M.S. – Baltimore MD

“Loren Grossman was the difference between me staying in my mom’s basement or going off to a real school.  Loren spent hours with me weighing my options, helping me determine a major, & rewriting my college essay.  I am so thankful I was recently accepted to the University of Oregon & I am very grateful I had her to help me through the process.  Basically, she’s got your back like Jansport.

D.E. – Eugene OR

“Yes, R. has come a long, long way, a definite success story[, as a recent graduate of the University of San Francisco, who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s]. And consider your low key, effective, & respectful advocacy of him to be part of that picture. There isn’t a telephone conversation we have with him that doesn’t end with his saying ‘I love you Mom’ or ‘I love you Dad.’ We feel very blessed.”

K. A. – Venice CA

“It seems like a decade since that fateful day, … when we sat in your office & discussed our case with you, as our child [who had been diagnosed with autism] was about to enter kindergarten … While meeting with you, we came to realize that, like most things in government, the local school district is a bureaucracy that can be worked to your advantage or fought to your disadvantage.

You taught us that we had to learn the system so we could gain some advantage over the lawyers & bureaucrats who will spend tax dollars with abandon to resist giving your special needs child the services he or she requires, & that are owed them by law. We became students of self-advocacy for our child, & you were our instructor. We are very grateful for your instruction.

Please tell all of your current & future clients alike that it is possible to secure [the things your child needs], but you have to know the system & work the rules, just like the administrators across the table from you … Time & again I see & speak with parents that don’t get what their child needs because they don’t know how the system works. If they don’t have an advocate, I tell them to see you, & if they don’t, I tell them they are not getting their money’s worth, & to see you.  As middle school starts to loom in our horizon, I’m sure we will be in need of your guidance again, & I know we’ll be in good hands.”

D.S. – Los Angeles CA

“Loren Grossman has been an extraordinary resource for us in planning the formal education of our highly gifted son. She’s been at various times the voice of reason, a devil’s advocate, a seer, a therapist, & even a cheerleader. While we’ve found that there is no easy course when you are guiding an exceptional child through the often-maddening public (& private) school system, Loren has provided the wisdom & perspective that’s made our journey — from kindergarten all the way through middle school — more manageable. We’re grateful for everything Loren’s done for us, & her phone number remains on our speed-dial.”

L.R. & J.G. – Studio City CA

“We have worked with Loren for the past several years [on behalf of our child who had been diagnosed with autism], & it has consistently been a very satisfying experience. Tensions & emotions can run pretty high when advocating for your child. Loren brings a wealth of knowledge & at the same time a calm to every IEP / meeting. She is on top of the laws governing special education, knowledgeable about the entire process, always well-prepared, direct, & focused on the best resources & services for our child.”

C.M. & D.G. – Los Angeles CA